Part-Time Maids in Singapore: What To Do When They First Arrive

Part-Time Maids in Singapore What To Do When They First Arrive

Engaging home cleaning services for the first time? Here’s what to say and do when your part-time maid comes over for the first time.

When a part-time maid visits your home for the first professional cleaning, it’s essential to set expectations and provide clear instructions so that she’s aware of what she needs to do. Here’s a step-by-step guide on what you should do when you welcome your part-time helper for the first time.

1. Introduce yourself

Kick things off by warmly welcoming your maid and introducing yourself. A friendly and positive connection sets the tone for a comfortable working relationship.

2. Give her a house tour

Walk your maid through the layout of your home. Point out any important spaces that require special attention or care. As you give a quick tour of the house, share with them your cleaning preferences for different areas, or highlight specific challenges they should be aware of.

3. Point out where to get supplies and equipment

Show your maid where you store cleaning supplies and equipment so she knows where to get what she needs for an efficient cleaning session. You can also ask whether what you have is adequate. Since she has had experience cleaning many homes, she may be able to suggest appropriate or better cleaning supplies that you get the next time she comes around.

4. Communicate priorities and special instructions

Provide specific instructions you would like your maid to take note of. This could include specifying areas to clean first, pointing out delicate surfaces that require careful handling, highlighting areas that are off-limits or showing how you may like things done a certain way.

5. Pets, the elderly and children

If you have pets at home, inform your maid and provide careful instructions. If you have elderly parents or childrenliving with you, advise your maid to be more mindful about cleaning when they are around, especially during mopping as the floor may be slippery.

6. Provide feedback

Following the first cleaning session, share constructive feedback and comment on what was done well during the session. Bring up any areas you feel require improvement. Also, stress that she should ask questions she needs to clarify your instructions or is unsure of what to do. By establishing an open channel of communication, you allow your maid to comfortably address any concerns that may appear in future sessions.

7. Confirm schedule

At the end of the session, confirm the schedule again for future visits, including start and end times. Discuss any flexibility or adjustments that need to be made for future appointments to ensure a reliable arrangement.


With a patient outlook and effective communication, you can lay the foundations for a successful and lasting cleaning partnership with your maid. By clearly establishing and aligning your expectations, you’ll be able to build a smooth-sailing cleaning experience that will leave your home sparkling.

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