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Regular Home Cleaning Services in Singapore

Maintaining a clean and tidy home takes time and effort. But this can be difficult if you have a busy lifestyle, work long hours or have a young family to look after at home. Don’t have the luxury of time to clean your house? We are here to help keep your home in spotless condition.

Regular home cleaning sessions are best for households which want to maintain a clean and healthier living environment. Let experienced professionals clean and tidy your home so you can free up your time. The result: you’ll feel happier and less stressed with a mess-free home.

Scope of work for regular and ad-hoc home cleaning

Here’s what we can do when you book a weekly,  fortnightly or ad-hoc cleaning session with us.*

  • Vacuuming and mopping of floors
  • Wipe down of surfaces
  • Bathroom cleaning (scrubbing of floors, toilet bowls and shower areas, cleaning of sinks, faucets and mirrors)
  • Kitchen cleaning including cleaning of stove tops, wiping of exterior of kitchen cabinets and dishwashing 
  • Changing of bedsheets
  • Emptying of trash bins
  • Ironing
  • Window cleaning (internal only) 


Our regular or ad-hoc cleanings services do not include the following: 

  • Disposal of bulky items and personal belongings
  • Moving of heavy objects or furniture (such as beds)
  • Handyman services
  • Cleaning of personal items (non-furniture)
  • Cleaning of walls and ceiling

However, should you require disposal of bulky items or handyman services, please inform us. Separate charges apply. 

Pricing for Regular and Ad-hoc Cleaning

Regular Cleaning

Best for minimally furnished homes
  • $22/hour for 3 hours
  • $21/hour for 4 hours
* Once every 2 weeks
* Minimum of 4 sessions required

Regular Cleaning

Best for homes with children or pets
  • $20/hour for 3 hours
  • $19.50/hour for 4 hours
* Once a week
* Minimum of 4 sessions required


Regular Cleaning

Weekly +
Includes ring fencing for pest control
  • $28/hour for 3 hours
  • $27/hour for 4 hours
* Once a week
* Minimum of 4 sessions required
* Ring fencing done once a month
Most Popular

Ad-Hoc Cleaning

Can also be used for a trial session
  • $25/hour for 3 hours
  • $24/hour for 4 hours
* One-off cleaning / suitable for trial
* No minimum commitment


What are regular home cleaning services?

Regular home cleaning services can be scheduled on a weekly or fortnightly (once every two weeks) basis. 

A minimum of 4 sessions is required for regular cleaning. If you take up weekly cleaning, we will assign the same cleaner to you.

Who should book regular home cleaning services?

Regular cleaning suits households which want to maintain a level of cleanliness but do not want to hire live-in domestic helpers.

Customers who have engaged our services for regular home cleaning include:

  • Busy working professionals who are too tired or don’t have the time to clean their homes
  • Families with young children who need an extra helping hand for home cleaning and housekeeping
  • Those who are looking to engage housekeeping and cleaning services for their elderly parents who live separately

What are the benefits of regular home cleaning services?

There are numerous benefits with engaging regular home cleaning services. Here are some of them:

  • You will come back to a cleaner home: dust-free surfaces, spotless kitchens and bathrooms, tidier surroundings, and more
  • With a cleaner home, you will have healthier indoor air which benefits families with young children or the elderly
  • You won’t have to spend your time and energy cleaning
  • You will have more time pursue your hobbies or bond with loved ones
  • You will have a better quality of life and improve your mental well-being – relax, restore and recharge with the additional free time you have gained

What are ad-hoc home cleaning services?

An ad-hoc home cleaning service is a one-off or one-time cleaning service.

This is suitable for households which don’t require regular cleaning but require extra help on certain occasions.

When should you use ad-hoc home cleaning services?

Here are some examples of when you may require ad-hoc home cleaning services:

  • When your regular domestic helper has gone back to her home country for home leave
  • When you require an extra helping hand if you are feeling stressed with work, low on energy or don’t have the time to clean
  • When you need a break every now and then so you can have some “me time”
  • When you need specific areas to be cleaned but don’t have the time to do so under your own regular cleaning routine
  • When you extra help to get your home guest-ready before having a party
  • The one-time ad-hoc home cleaning service can also be used as a trial session before you decide whether you want to engage us for regular home cleaning


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