School’s Out: Decluttering Tips for the School Holidays

School’s Out Decluttering Tips for the School Holidays

Get organised during the school holidays with decluttering tips. Make the most of your break by creating a clutter-free and productive space.

The year-end school holidays make for the perfect time to tackle all the clutter that has built up over the school year. With no more lessons, exams and CCAs, this is the opportunity for students to spring clean and clear out things that are not needed. Doing this during the earlier part of the school holidays means you’ll get to enjoy the rest of the break in a clutter-free environment.

Here are some tips and tricks on how students can declutter effectively during the school holidays so you can have a clean and organised start to the new school year.

1. Send unwanted papers to the recycling bin

The first step in decluttering is to tackle those piles of old papers that you have accumulated throughout the school year. Begin by sorting through your notes, worksheets and assignments. Keep only what’s essential for your reference if you need them for the next school year. This may include important notes, project materials and selected graded assignments. Discard the rest by recycling them. This will help free up valuable space and reduce clutter.

2. File notes needed for the next year

If you have a major exam the next year or still need to keep important notes, organise them by subject and topic and discard any outdated or irrelevant materials. Create a filing system that allows you to easily access your notes and reference materials for future use. This will make studying and revising for exams for efficient for the upcoming school year. Alternatively, you can digitise your notes by using platforms such as Notion.

3. Give away or sell textbooks or assessment books you don’t need

Go through all your assessment books, textbooks or practice papers that you’ve accumulated throughout the school year. If you no longer need them or don’t have to hand them down to your younger siblings, consider giving them away to your juniors in school, donating them to the needy or selling them on secondhand platforms such as Carousell.

4. Sort out your school attire

If your school uniforms no longer fit or are a bit tight, it’s time to get new ones. Consider donating or passing on your old school uniforms to other friends or to your school juniors. This is also a good time to inspect and discard any worn-out or dirty school socks. Keeping old, unusable clothing only contributes to clutter and disorganisation.

5. Empty and clean your school bag

Your school bag is likely to have accumulated various items like forgotten snacks, dropped coins, pens and crumpled papers. Empty your bag completely and give it a thorough cleaning. Wipe down the interior and exterior and check whether any repairs need to be made. A clean and organised school bag will make it easier for you to keep your school and study materials in order in the new school year.

6. Sort out your study area

Spring clean your study area by removing all items from your desk and emptying drawers and shelves. Take a hard look and decide whether each item is essential. Separate them into piles to keep, things to toss, or items to donate or recycle. Once you’ve decluttered, wipe down surfaces and organise your essentials. Tip: consider using organisers or containers to keep things in order.

7. Organise school supplies and stationery

Sort out your stationery such as pens, pencils, notebooks, highlighters and correction tape. Dispose items that are not needed such as pens or highlighters that have run out of ink.

8. Declutter digitally

In today’s digital age, decluttering goes beyond physical items. Organise your digital files and folders on your laptop, deleting any unnecessary documents or outdated files. Scroll through your smartphone and delete any photos which you don’t need anymore. A well-organised digital space can boost your productivity.


Decluttering and home cleaning during the school holidays can contribute to a more organised and efficient academic life. Not only does decluttering clear physical space, but it also provides a sense of mental clarity, reducing stress and promoting a productive learning environment.

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