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Spring Cleaning Services in Singapore

Spring cleaning is the practice of thoroughly cleaning your home. This usually happens when households want to get their homes spick and span in time to celebrate festivities.  Most households also take advantage of this period before the festivities to reduce clutter, discard spoilt or old things, or donate unwanted or unused items.

Also known as seasonal cleaning, spring cleaning usually covers areas which are not usually covered during regular cleaning. During spring cleaning, we will go through every corner of your home to remove dust and grime. With spring cleaning, you are essentially giving your house a makeover. And after this massive cleaning, your house will look brand new!

If you dread the thought of spending hours getting hot and sweaty to go through every nook and cranny of your home to clean it, why not leave it to your professionals? Engage our spring cleaning services to turn your home sparkling clean again.

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Scope of work for spring cleaning

Here are examples of the scope of work that we can do for spring cleaning:

  • Mopping and vacuuming
  • Wiping of interior of windows and window grilles
  • Wiping light fixtures
  • Wiping wooden furniture
  • Cleaning ceiling fans
  • Cleaning mirrors and glass
  • Cleaning interior and exterior of refrigerators and kitchen cabinets
  • Cleaning interior and exterior of ovens
  • Wipe down of bathroom walls
  • Cleaning and scrubbing of toilets
  • Wiping interior and exterior of cabinets, cupboards or drawers
  • Vacuuming and mopping behind furniture or hard to reach areas that are not usually cleaned
  • Wiping of doors and wooden panels

As homes differ in size and the spring cleaning work may vary depending on your specific needs, do inform our cleaners what you would like done during your spring cleaning session.*


Our spring cleaning services do not include the following: 

  • Disposal of bulky items and personal belongings
  • Moving of heavy objects or furniture (such as beds)
  • Handyman services
  • Cleaning of personal items (non-furniture)
  • Cleaning of walls and ceiling

However, should you require disposal of bulky items or handyman services, please inform us.  Separate charges apply. 

Pricing for Spring Cleaning

Starting from

  • *Dependant on size


What are spring cleaning services?

Spring cleaning services differ from standard or regular home cleaning services. Spring cleaning services are usually longer, one-off cleaning sessions where we will give your home a thorough cleaning. This includes cleaning hard-to-reach spots, cleaning areas which may not be cleaned during regular cleaning sessions due to lack of time (such as windows, ceiling fans or lights), wiping the interior of cabinets and drawers, cleaning the fridge, amongst others.

What is the difference between spring cleaning and regular cleaning?

Spring cleaning is conducted annually or seasonally, usually before festive celebrations. Spring cleaning covers tasks that are not routinely conducted during your regular cleaning sessions. For example, spring cleaning may involve cleaning hard-to-access areas where there may be a build-up of dust over time.

Who should book spring cleaning services?

Spring cleaning services are best suited for households that are looking to get their home thoroughly cleaned and all spruced up in time for major festivities and celebrations such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali and Christmas.

Why should you book spring cleaning services?

Spring cleaning your home can be time consuming and tedious. When you book our spring cleaning services, you will save time. Just sit back, relax and let us do all the heavy lifting. We will help you get rid of all the dirt and grime that has built up over time.

How should you prepare for the spring cleaning?

Before your spring cleaning session, try to reduce clutter, discard spoilt or old things, or donate unwanted or unused items.

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