The Essential Home Cleaning Tools and Supplies Checklist

The Essential Singapore Home Cleaning Tools and Supplies Checklist

This cleaning tools and supplies checklist details the must-have cleaning equipment and products you need to prepare so your part-time cleaner can clean your home.

If this is your first time engaging house cleaning services, one of the questions you may have is: “Do I need to provide all the cleaning tools and supplies?” The answer is: Yes!

With the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has become more aware of the importance of hygiene. External cleaners usually do not bring their own supplies and equipment when the go cleaning from home to home. After all, you wouldn’t want a mop that has been used in different household to be used to clean your home too.

For hygiene purposes, it’s best to provide your own cleaning tools and supplies for your part-time maid to clean your home. So, the next question you may have is: “What are the cleaning equipment or supplies I need to prepare in advance for the cleaning session?”

We’ve got you covered here. Here’s the recommended cleaning supplies you should have in your home so your cleaner can do a good job of cleaning your home effectively.

The Must-Have Cleaning Supplies You Need to Prepare For Your Part-time Maid to Clean Your Home 


Cleaning Equipment and Tools

  1. Vacuum cleaner (alternatively, broom and dustpan)
  2. Mop and bucket
  3. Small or medium-sized bucket (to hold water and cleaning liquid for wiping surfaces)
  4. Microfibre clothes
  5. Window squeegee
  6. Dishwashing sponge
  7. Toilet bowl brush
  8. Sponge scrubs for bathroom
  9. Squeegee wiper for bathroom
  10. Floor Scrub brush
  11. Gloves

Cleaning Solutions and Products  

  1. Multi-purpose surface cleaner
  2. Dishwashing liquid
  3. Kitchen cleaner spray / stove top cleaner / oven cleaner
  4. Glass cleaning liquid for windows and mirrors
  5. Floor cleaner / disinfectant
  6. Toilet bowl cleaning liquid
  7. Bathroom cleaner spray
  8. Tile and grout cleaner / stain and mold remover for bathroom
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