7 Reasons to Engage a Weekly Home Cleaning Service

7 Reasons to Engage a Weekly Home Cleaning Service

Engaging a weekly home cleaning service can offer many health and lifestyle benefits. Scheduling regular cleaning leads to a healthier home and a happier you.

Your home is your haven – a place where you can unwind, relax and enjoy special moments with loved ones. As a busy individual, the last thing you want after a hectic day at work is to clean your home, especially if time is limited and precious.

This is where engaging a part-time maid can really take the work load off you. Professional home cleaning services offer numerous perks but the question is, how often should you schedule your cleaning session?

A clean home is a healthier home, especially if you have children. To enjoy the most benefits, scheduling a regular cleaning session on a weekly basis is the preferred option.

Health and lifestyle benefits of a regular weekly home cleaning session

 Here are 7 good reasons why you should book weekly house cleaning services:

1. A dust-free environment improves indoor air quality

 If you don’t clean your home regularly, the accumulation of dust can be bad for your health. Dust particles can lead to bad indoor air quality, causing aggravated airways, sneezing, coughing or eye irritation. That’s why cleaning your home regularly is important. When a part-time cleaner comes every week, she’ll mop the floors, wipe down surface areas and clean hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Eliminating all the dirt and dust every week leads to better indoor air quality and protects family members who are sensitive to allergens.

2. Weekly change of bedsheets is more hygienic

Washing and changing bedlinen should be done on a weekly basis because dirt, sweat, dead skin cells, oil and even dust mites can accumulate on your sheets. But it can be a time-consuming chore to change the bedsheets, especially if you have many family members in the household. You won’t have to deal with this if you engage a weekly home cleaning service as your cleaner can change the bedsheets for you. The best part: you get to sink onto fresh clean bedding every week. Clean, comfy sheets = better hygiene, better sleep!

3. A cleaner home deters pests

Do you squirm at the thought of ants, cockroaches, lizards and rats lurking in your home? That’s why is so important to regularly clean your home. Pests thrive in dirty and damp environments. Those biscuit crumbs or other bits of food that have dropped on the floor under the dining table or in the kitchen will definitely attract uninvited guests. Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, and keeping your home litter-free, crumb-free and dust-free is critical to keep pests at bay. Your once-a-week cleaning session will definitely help!

4. Your kitchen gets that heavy-duty cleaning it needs

Those that love to cook usually hate to clean up after. If your kitchen gets heavy-duty use, it’s important to give it a thorough clean regularly. But we understand if you only have time to wash the dishes, pots and pans after cooking. By scheduling a regular weekly cleaning session, you’ll get a spotless and sanitised kitchen every week. Here’s what your cleaner can do: clean your stove top, clean the oven, scrub the kitchen sink, wash the trays of your dish-drying rack, wipe the kitchen countertops and those hard-to-reach areas behind kitchen appliances, wipe the cooking hood to prevent oil from accumulating and wipe the kitchen cabinets. Whew! That’s a lot of cleaning covered. Thumbs up for a neat, clean, spotless and organised kitchen thanks to weekly professional cleaning!

5. A sparkling clean bathroom prevents germs, fungus and mold

Your bathroom is probably the most germ-ridden area of your home which is why you can’t escape routine bathroom cleaning. For most people who do their own household chores, the bathroom is probably the one area which they least like to clean. Here’s where engaging weekly part-time help can lift this load off you. Your cleaner can: take out the trash, change the towels, clean the sink, wipe the faucets and countertops, scrub and clean the shower or bathtub area, scrub the toilet bowl, and more. Indeed, regular cleaning helps to prevent germs, fungus, mold or mildew in your bathrooms.

6. That feel-good moment of getting a fresh start every week

There’s no denying that coming home to a clean house can definitely lift up your spirits. You feel happier, your mood is uplifted and there’s a general feeling of contentment. With a regular weekly cleaning session, you get to press the reset button every week. When everything is organised and clean at home, it can give off a positive vibe and leave you feeling motivated and encouraged to tackle the upcoming days ahead.

7. You have more free time for yourself and your family

Let’s face it. If you were to do the weekly cleaning yourself, this would take up at least 4 – 5 hours of your precious time over the weekend. That could be time spent on exercising, bonding with your family, taking your children out to the beach or park, chillaxing at home, going shopping, catching up with friends, visiting extended family, catching the latest movie and more. Getting a cleaner to come clean your home on a weekly basis gives you more freedom in your schedule to pursue your own hobbies or activities. And if you have young children, you’ll have more time to bond with your children. That’s all the more reason to leave the cleaning to the professionals.


Weekly cleaning is clearly better than bi-weekly or monthly cleaning. You get a fresh, clean which leads to a more hygienic, healthier and happier lifestyle. Life becomes more stress-free when you don’t have to worry about cleaning and you get to focus on what matters to you. So why not book a weekly cleaning session today? You deserve it.

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