How to Create a Clean and Safe Home Environment for Seniors

How to Create a Clean and Safe Home Environment for Seniors

Check out these home cleaning tips to ensure a comfortable living environment for multigenerational families with seniors at home.

If you have aged parents living with you, it is essential to regularly clean and tidy your home for their health and safety. Seniors have unique needs, so you need to make an effort to adapt your cleaning to create a comfortable space that promotes their well-being. Here are some practical home cleaning and safety tips to consider when seniors live with you:

1. Declutter regularly

Make sure that the pathways in your home are clear of clutter to prevent unnecessary trip hazards. Keeping your belongings neatly organised in storage will create a trip-free zone.

2. Use non-slip mats

Opt for non-slip rugs and mats in areas such as the bathroom and kitchen. This will reduce the risk of falls.

3. Designate a playzone for young children

If there are young kids living at home, designate an enclosed play area for them to play. Toys that are strewn on the floor can be a hazard for grandparents so remember to pack up the toys once the kids are done playing. 

4. Use gentle cleaning products

Seniors may be more sensitive to strong chemical odours. Therefore, choose mild and non-toxic cleaning products for cleaning your home.

5. Clean high-touch surfaces regularly

Ensure that you regularly clean and disinfect high touch surfaces such as door knobs, light switches, TV remote controls and faucets as these can harbour germs and bacteria.

6. Wipe down surfaces regularly.

Seniors with respiratory issues can be sensitive to dust. Therefore, ensure that you wipe or dust surfaces regularly to prevent dust from accumulating. You may also want to consider getting an air purifier with HEPA filters to trap allergens and dust.

7. Wash bed linens regularly

Bedsheets can absorb sweat, oil and germs. Plus, dead skin cells can also build up to on sheets which can attract dust mites. Therefore, wash bedsheets and pillow cases regularly for hygiene purposes.

8. Clean the bathroom frequently

Keep your bathrooms clean and well-ventilated. Install grab bars for safety and ensure that the shower area has non-slip features.

9. Get professional help

Consider hiring professional cleaners for more thorough tasks such as spring cleaning during festive seasons or ad-hoc deep cleaning sessions.


Creating a clean and safe home for seniors or aged parents requires a thoughtful approach that considers their needs. By incorporating the above home cleaning tips, you can ensure that you are creating a comfortable and conducive space for the well-being of your senior loved ones.


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