6 Tips To Get Your Home Ready for Chinese New Year

6 Tips To Get Your Home Ready for Chinese New Year

Check out this guide on how to get your home ready for CNY. From decluttering to décor ideas, discover how to create a festive ambience for the Lunar New Year.

What better way to embrace the Chinese New Year festive spirit than by giving your home a refreshing makeover? Here are some tips on how to spruce up your living space for the festivities.

1. Spring clean your home

Before we get carried away with vibrant decorations and auspicious symbols, start with the basics. Clearing away the old and making room for the new is a great way to usher in the new year. By conducting a thorough CNY spring cleaning session, you’ll be able to get rid of any bad luck lingering from the previous year, and make way for a fresh start.

2. Have fun with cushion covers and table runners

Spice up your sofa with cushion covers in traditional CNY colours like red and gold. If you’re hosting a reunion dinner, add a touch of style to your dining table with a table runner. This will create a visually appealing setting for gatherings.

3. Introduce auspicious CNY plants and flowers

Adorn your home with auspicious CNY plants and flowers. Look for something that symbolises good fortune and prosperity like a kumquat plant or pussy willows. For attracting wealth and good luck, adding orchids and peonies are sure to do the trick. These plants will not only be a magnet for positive energy this CNY, but will also introduce a splash of liveliness to your home!

4. Welcome visitors with hanging couplets

Up for an arts and crafts project? Try making some hanging red couplets adorned with auspicious phrases. Alternatively, choose pre-made ones that are expertly embellished with calligraphy. With these, you’ll be inviting blessings into your home!

5. Embrace new beginnings with a new doormat

It’s time to swap out your well-trodden door mat for a shiny new one. The simple yet significant change is symbolic of new beginnings. Bonus points if your new mat is in traditional CNY colours or has an auspicious saying on it.

6. Incorporate red throughout

The small details make all the difference! If you’re looking for subtle ways to bring in the festive cheer, including red accents in your home décor is sure to do the trick. Infuse some vibrancy into your home with red candles, lanterns, or other small decorative items.


Follow these steps to transform your home into a haven of prosperity and joy this Chinese New Year. Welcome the spirit of Lunar New Year by embracing traditions and infusing your space with vibrant CNY colours.

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