10 Items to Declutter for a More Organised Life

10 Items to Declutter for a More Organised Life

Say hello to a more organised life by embarking on a decluttering mission. Here are 10 items you can bid farewell to.

Decluttering can be a transformative process. Beyond simply tidying up, letting go of unnecessary items can bring a renewed sense of calm and order to your surroundings. To kickstart your decluttering journey, here are 10 things you say goodbye to.

1. Books you don’t read anymore

Look through your book collection and part ways with titles that no longer capture your interest. If you’re unlikely to re-read them anymore, donate or sell these books so you can make room for stories that resonate with your current preferences.

2. Clothes that can’t fit anymore and or haven’t worn for ages

Are there clothes that you haven’t worn and have been stuck in your closet for years? What about those that no longer flatter your figure? Go through a closet detox and only keep clothes that fit your current lifestyle. Donate or give away the rest.

3. Unwanted gifts

Do you get too many gifts at Christmas or your birthday which do not align with your taste? Don’t hesitate to let go of these items and leave sentimentality behind. Sell them on Carousell or pass these on to someone who’ll cherish them. This will free your space from unnecessary belongings.

4. Your junk drawer

Tackle that notorious junk drawer, which you use to chuck bits and pieces of things. Liberating it from the chaos of unused items and reorganise the space so that it retains only the essentials you need.

5. Lost or unmatched socks

If you somehow always end up with a missing sock from your laundry, you’re not alone. Ditch your unmatched sock orphans and streamline your sock collection for a neater wardrobe.

6. Expired food

Go through your kitchen, pantry or fridge and check the expiry of all food items, sauces, and condiments. Eliminate all items which are past their shelf date. This not only frees up space, but also ensures that your culinary endeavours are fuelled by fresh ingredients.

7. Old bills and documents

Do you have too much paperwork at home? Shred outdated bills and documents which you don’t need anymore, retaining only essential ones. Establish a streamlined filing system to keep your space clutter-free and important papers easily accessible.

8. Unused beauty supplies

Reassess your vanity cabinet, disposing of beauty products which have past their prime or which are rarely used. Simplify your skincare or beauty routine by keeping only the essentials. This will create a more streamlined space.

9. Décor you don’t love

Part ways with décor that no longer resonates your current style. Instead, create a space that brings you joy by making room for pieces which genuinely reflect your personality and preferences.

10. Old phones, chargers and electronics

Clear out outdated electronics, chargers, old phones and other devices which are cluttering up your spaces. Properly dispose of these or recycle them to contribute to a more eco-friendly living environment.


Decluttering is an ongoing journey. By letting go of items that no longer serve a purpose, you create space for a more intentional and harmonious lifestyle.

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