Closet Detox: The Simple Guide to Sorting Out Your Wardrobe

Closet Detox The Simple Guide to Sorting Out Your Wardrobe

Revamp your wardrobe with this beginner’s guide to a closet detox. Simplify your lifestyle by decluttering, donating and discarding items you don’t need anymore.

Embarking on a closet detox offers numerous benefits. By purging your closet of unnecessary items, you create space and newfound room for better organisation. A spacious and well-organised closet translates to a more serene living space.

A wardrobe detox is also an opportunity to redefine your style. As you sift through clothing, you’ll discern what resonates with you and what doesn’t. This will guide you towards curating a wardrobe that reflects your identity.

Some people embark on an annual closet detox as part of the spring cleaning process, especially before occasions such as Chinese New Year. If you’re one of those, you can use Marie Kondo as an inspiration and ask yourself whether the item still “sparks joy”.

Here’s an easy-to-follow guide to help you get started.

1. Empty your entire closet

Begin by clearing out your entire closet. This provides a blank canvas for transformation.

2. Assess each piece

Assess the quality of each piece. Note any signs of wear – are any clothes faded, torn or frayed? As you evaluate each item, decide whether any of them “sparks joy”. Are there any pieces which can’t fit you anymore?

How about those that are out of fashion? Do you still want them in your wardrobe? If there are clothes that you’ve not worn for a couple of years, it’s unlikely that you’ll wear them again, so consider whether you still want to keep them.

This deliberate approach to decluttering will enable you to decide whether to keep the item of clothing or to discard or donate them.

3. Sort out your clothing

As you evaluate each item, put them into the following piles.

The must-have pile

These are the items that you can’t do without, are still in good condition and which you can still fit into. Wardrobe staples such as jeans and t-shirts come into this pile, as well as comfy home clothes. Office wear and other dressier items that still resonate with your style and make you feel confident when you wear them go into the must-have pile too.

The maybe pile

Items which you’re unsure about go into the “maybe” pile. Set them aside for reevaluation after you’re done sorting out your clothes into the different piles. You’ll need to consider factors such as whether they still suit your lifestyle, how recently you’ve worn them.

The donate pile

This pile includes which you no longer want to keep but are still in good condition. Perhaps they no longer fit or don’t align with your current lifestyle. Or perhaps you’ve not worn them in a while and they no longer spark joy.

Clothes that are still wearable and useable can be donated to organisations which take them in to be resold or donated to those in need. Alternatively, you can also send your pre-loved clothes to centres which do textile or fabric recycling.

The discard pile

Lastly, create a discard pile. Say goodbye to items which don’t suit or don’t fit you anymore and are in no condition to be donated. Assess whether you can use any of the old clothes to turn into rags for cleaning.


By following these simple steps, you’ve successfully detoxed your wardrobe. Enjoy a curated closet that aligns with your style, lifestyle and brings you daily confidence!

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