10 Hidden Germ Hotspots In Your Home

10 hidden germ spots in your home

Did you know that germs can thrive in the unlikeliest of places? Here are some germ-infested hotspots in your home that you should tackle.

It’s common to attack the kitchen floors, countertops, and even doorknobs during your annual spring cleaning. But there are still many areas that we tend to ignore when disinfecting our homes. From everyday household items to regularly-used surfaces, letting these spots go under the radar can harbour germs. Here are the top 10 germiest spots in your home you may have overlooked.

1. Remote controls

Whether it’s your TV or air conditioning remote, handheld remote control devices are a breeding ground for germs if not cleaned routinely. We often let remote controls slip out of our mind during the cleaning process. Regularly disinfecting these small yet commonplace devices can go a long way, especially if there are many members of your household who’ve handled them.

2. Faucet handles

Like remote controls, your sink faucet handles can be an unknown harbourer of germs and bacteria. Think about it: each time you go to wash your hands, the germs only get transferred from your fingertips to the faucet. Without proper cleaning, faucet handles can ironically become one of the grimiest spots in your house.

3. Toothbrush holders

Constantly damp, toothbrush holders are a breeding ground for bacterial growth. Be sure to peek inside your holder every once in a while. Frequently disinfect your toothbrush holders and keep them as dry as possible after you’ve brushed and rinsed. No one wants mould or germs growing near their toothbrush!

4. Dish sponges

Despite being used to clean our plates and cutlery, dish sponges are an easy target for germs to collect. Like toothbrush holders, their moisture makes it ideal for bacteria to grow. Not to mention, food particles often get trapped in sponges, creating an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive. So remember to replace your dish sponges regularly!

5. Cutting boards

Cutting boards are where we prepare and handle raw meat, poultry, and vegetables. But without proper sanitizing and cleaning, cutting boards can quickly become occupants for germs to grow. Prevent cross-contamination by using separate cutting boards for raw meats and vegetables, and regularly disinfect your cutting boards to mitigate bacterial growth.

6. Shower heads

Did you know fungus and spores thrive in damp environments like the shower? However, we tend to forget about our showerheads, focusing instead on scrubbing shower floors or tubs. In reality, not thoroughly and regularly cleaning your showerhead could lead to the build-up of bacteria. These bacteria can then be inhaled through the steam released during showers. Routinely disinfect your showerhead to mitigate the collection of germs and fungi.

7. Hand towels

They may be convenient, but hand towels are actually a perfect place for germs to collect and grow. Bacteria collected from multiple users’ hands can lead to the spread of viruses. Remember to change and wash your hand towels frequently after a few rounds of use.

8. Waste baskets

While it’s no secret that our trash is one of the dirtiest things in the house, we often forget about the germs on our waste baskets themselves. Wipe down your waste basket and ensure it is lined with a bag before throwing discarding your trash in it. These receptacles can harbour a variety of germs and bacteria without you knowing!

9. Kitchen countertops

From food spills to raw meat, our kitchen countertops have seen it all. We often do a quick wipe down of our countertops after cooking, but these surfaces may need a more meticulous cleaning than you think. Do a thorough check of all nooks and crannies where food waste may have gotten. Areas near sinks and food preparation areas are particularly susceptible to bacteria growth.

10. Light switches

Light switches are often the first thing we touch when we come home. Frequently touched but rarely disinfected, they can be a key target of bacterial growth if not cleaned properly. Make sure to give them a good wipe-down, not forgetting small crevices where dirt and grime may have collected as well.


Maintaining a sparkling clean home goes beyond just tackling the obvious surfaces. The next time you’re about to tackle your home cleaning routine, be sure to target these areas too. Giving a little extra attention to these often-overlooked areas can go a long way in ensuring the health of you and your loved ones.

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