5 Reasons for Move-Out Cleaning at the End of Your Tenancy

5 Reasons for Move-Out Cleaning at the End of Your Tenancy

At the end of your tenancy, schedule a professional moving out cleaning service so that you can get your security deposit back when you move out.

Moving out of your rented home can be an overwhelming experience. Amidst all the packing, coordinating logistics and planning for your next move, you must keep in mind that you need to leave your rented unit in pristine condition so you can get your security deposit back.

Here’s where scheduling a professional moving out or end-of-tenancy cleaning service can be beneficial.

1. Meet your Tenancy Agreement requirements

Before you move out, you should revisit your Tenancy Agreement and look over the terms and conditions. More often than not, there is a clause which states that you need to leave the property in a similar condition to what it was at the start of your tenancy. This usually implies that when you move out, the property should be reasonably clean and there should be no significant damages to the property.

If you don’t have the time, patience or energy to do a thorough cleaning when you move out, engaging a professional cleaning service can help you get your property in an immaculate condition when your landlord comes to inspect the property.

2. Get back your security deposit

When you had moved into your rented property, you would have paid a security deposit to secure the unit. This security deposit will be refunded to you – provided that you return the property in good condition when you move out.

The last thing you want is a complaint by your landlord. If you want your security deposit back, engaging an end-of-tenancy cleaning service would be beneficial as these professional services can do a better job of properly cleaning your unit.

3. Saves you time

After you move out, there’s probably going to be grime and dirt that you’ll need to remove before your landlord comes to inspects the unit. Not only will you have to vacuum, mop and wash the toilets, you’ll also need to wipe cupboard interiors and hard-to-reach areas to ensure that everything is clean.

All that scrubbing, polishing, wiping, mopping and cleaning will probably take quite a lot of time and energy, especially if you’re not used to doing such cleaning chores yourself. You’ll probably even need to take a day off work to do so. A team of seasoned professional home cleaners will do a much better job in a shorter amount of time than yourself since this is what they do for a living. The time you’ll save is totally worth it!

4. Professional cleaning services are more thorough

Professional cleaners have the knowledge, skills and experience to perform a thorough and comprehensive cleaning of your home. They’ll know what to do to remove stubborn stains, disinfect bathrooms, deep clean carpets, wipe windows and more. They’ll be able to reach every nook and cranny and cover every inch of your property to ensure a meticulous clean and spotless finish when they’re done.

As professionals, they’ll obviously have what it takes to do a better job than cleaning novices. So, to get past your landlord inspection, it’s a good idea to hire trusted and reliable pros to do it.

5. A stress-free and hassle-free experience

Moving out is already a frazzled experience. And imagine having to cope with thoroughly cleaning your home on top of all the list of things you have to deal with. That is why, scheduling an end-of-tenancy cleaning service is a stress-free experience that will make the moving out experience hassle-free. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your home is in the trusted hands of professionals and cleaning will be handled with precision and care.

So, before you pack your bags and say goodbye to your old home, remember to schedule that professional end-of-tenancy cleaning service so you can reduce stress and get your security deposit back.

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