How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs

How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can cause itchiness and sleepless nights. Find out how to detect signs of a bed bug infestation and get tips on how to eliminate bed bugs from your home.

Reports of a bed bug infestation in cities such as London and Paris have been in the news lately. If you’re worried about these creepy crawlies invading your own home, here’s how to keep bed bugs at bay.

1. Know what bed bugs look like

Bed bugs are small insects with flat, oval bodies that feed on the blood of humans. Adult bed bugs measure just 5mm long (about the size of an apple seed) while younger nymphs are smaller and may be translucent or have a yellowish tinge. The eggs of bed bugs are white and very tiny.

 2. Look out for signs of bed bugs

Bed bugs are no fun and the first signs that you be dealing with bed bugs is if you have itchy bites cropping up on your body. If you find tiny red marks on your body and need to constantly scratch that itch, you’ll need to check your sheets and mattress for signs of a bed bug infestation.

Besides spotting actual bed bugs in your bed or mattress, look out for other tell-tale signs that bed bugs are present. Check for specks of blood on your bedsheets or mattress. Also keep an eye out for small white eggs, leftover eggshells or tiny black dots which are bed bug poop. You might even notice a musty odour emanating from your bed.

3. Use heat treatment to target bed bugs

Wash bedding that’s been infested with bed bugs with hot water. As bed bugs and their eggs are sensitive to heat, hot water will kill them. Using a strong detergent will also help in breaking down the bed bug exoskeleton.  After washing, use the dryer on the highest setting to kill any remaining bed bugs and their eggs. By combining washing with hot water and high-temperature drying, you can increase the chances of effectively eliminating bed bugs.

4. Encase mattress to prevent reinfestation

To prevent reinfestation, use mattress encasements which act as a barrier by preventing bed bugs from getting into or out of your mattress.

5. Seek professional help

Sometimes your DIY efforts may not be enough to successfully eliminate a bed bug problem, especially if it has become quite large-scale. This is where seeking professional help may be a more viable solution. Professional mattress cleaners or pest control technicians can do a better job of inspecting your mattress and identifying the extend of the infestation. They will have better access to professional-grade treatments to effectively kill these pesky insects.


Regular home cleaning is vital for preventing bed bug infestations by reducing hiding spots and maintaining a clean environment. Should bed bug problems persist, consider hiring professional mattress cleaning services to eliminate these critters effectively. A proactive and consistent approach helps to create a healthier living space and minimises the risk of infestations.

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